Fat Princess (the Game)

Okay so I haven’t played a video game  in nearly four years, I haven’t even owned a system in over that long. My Playstation burned out not long after GTA: San Andreas came out. Though this new game that just came out for the PlayStation Live is far more disturbing than stabbing old ladies and killing hookers after you fuck them. Here’s a review from a website I found called “Feminist Gamer“.

A new game about to be released for the PSN called Fat Princess
is a TF2-like capture-the-flag game where the point is to feed your
princess enough cake so that she grows really fat so that the opposing
team can’t carry her back to their castle.

Honestly, the “core game mechanics” are brilliant, and if I didn’t
care one whit about the objectification of women or fat-bashing, I
would think this was the best thing since… well, Team Fortress 2. And I’m quite sure that this describes 99% of the PSN players out there, so I’m sure the game will do very well.

But here is another game mechanic:

Instead of running out into the forest to find cake to fatten up the
princess with, why not go out and find gold (which is a lot heavier
than cake) to stuff into a treasure chest. The more gold in the chest,
the heavier it would be, and the harder it would be to carry.

Oh, but that’s not as “cute” as cake and fat chicks. Right.

So how about layering, Karamari-style, a bunch of random shit on top
of the chest, like shrubbery, rocks, bison, etc, that would also weight
it down. That could be cute, and silly, and not reinforce nasty
stereotypes about women and the obese.

Mighty Ponygirl posted this entry
on Saturday, July 19th, 2008 at 8:46 am and filed it under Games, Sony (PSX).
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I don’t know how I feel about this, but after all I am the same man who once wanted to start a band called FGNL2 so…What are your thoughts on the matter?


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