Erotic Movie Proposal (2001)

Now playing: Nine Inch Nails – Hurt
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Now playing: Nine Inch Nails – Hurt
via FoxyTunes

O.K., so I have this idea for an erotic art film (triple X). It starts with this elfin girl naked and covered in glitter running through a forest, she runs out the forest on to a beach, she falls down on the beach as the sun is rising. Then through trick photography, the sun rises and begins to set in seconds. As the sun sets, a creature (played by me) rises out of the ocean. The monster is grey and covered in grey rags is covered in large chains and locks. He reaches out toward her and two midgets rise from the sand. They are the color of sand and their eyes are wild with lust. They grab the frightened girl’s arms. The creature from the sea puts his dick in the girl’s mouth and she sucks him off. Then the two midgets start to suck her tits then fuck her. All the while, she is sucking the sea creature. Then they all get off and the sea creature points to a city. She looks long at the city, and then the creature vanishes.

From there we see her wander naked into a laundry mat where she runs into a redneck transvestite doing laundry and listening to the smiths. The transvestite recounts to her a story of coming from Florida to the city. She/he offers a dress to the girl (who never speaks). The two then kiss and the girl leaves afterwards he/she masturbates. The girl walks down the street dazed and in awe of everything. Until she encounters a gang of Spanish dykes who grab her and rape her in an alley. She escapes as they get off and runs down the sidewalk until she runs into a big black man. He confronts her and takes her home. He feeds her, baths her, then fucks her up the ass, and cums on her face. Then he makes a phone call and smokes a cigarette.

Later he takes her to a mansion where she was sold, to a man in a white robe and a Ceaser crown. His house filled with freaks and circus people. A huge orgy in sues. Footage of war plays through the windows. As everyone in the orgy gets off one by one-she makes her escape once again, and runs away. She ends up at the forest that she was originally running through. There she finds a naked man of considerable beauty. He says, “Did you find what you were looking for” (in French). She says, “The more things change the more they stay the same.” (In French). They then make passionate love on a canopy bed in the Forest. Then the two stands side by side, turn into wolves, and run away.

~! Soundtrack provided by ME!

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