History Made!


       From the students from Selma, to the Tuskegee Airman, those who made the journey and braved the frigid temperatures bear witness to history. As I sit alone in Oakland, California (half a world away) I bear witness in awe. My hands are shaking as I hold my head and view the coming change. It is more than the undeniable charisma of one man; it is instead the collective dreams of a nation come to beautifully vivid reality. This moment possible because of millions who wished it so.

     The crowds in DC spill out of the Mall and onto the rooftops for miles. There is a chill up my spine as he offers words of inspiration. I tear up thinking of my grandmother, and great-grandmother, my mother and my aunts and cousins who have passed on before this moment. I’m not sure if I necessarily believe that they are somewhere watching down on us, but I do believe that their energy and memory is still in the air. I can feel my grandmother in the room with me right now. I laugh with her at the crowd singing “Na-na-na-good-bye” to the outgoing president. I marvel at their unity and wonder how it must feel to old Bush to see how disliked he is. Does he even care? Is he even capable of caring? This is something I have never seen or felt in my life time. Never has any political figure in my life been so unilaterally loved and respected. I can’t help but think that with such high regard and such a daunting task ahead that we are setting ourselves up for either disappointment or delusion.

      There is no way that one man can undo the damage of the last eight years in four and possible even eight years. The children of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The sons of those kidnapped and tortured in Gitmo, will surely come for us. They will grow older and bitterer with time and they will seek revenge for the dishonor they have received at the hands of the leaving administration. There is nothing we can do about that. George Bush’s actions have made us weaker, and yet stronger at the same time. People of all walks of life have become united in our resolve to at least attempt to undo the damage done. I listened to the new president’s speech after he was sworn in and while reminded of King and Kennedy I hear a new singular voice that will reverberate throughout history no matter what comes next. I have a strong feeling that in spite of what is to come that his voice will comfort the nation on Presidential addresses for some time. I have never in all my days saluted a president but I think for the next four years at least I will.

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