No two Monkees are the same

       No two Monkees are the same, each swing his or her own way. The Armada is the way we coalesce. For some flinging poo is an art, for others poo is flung with wild abandon. There are those that fling poo with their hands, and those that fling poo with their mouths. There are those that abstain from the throwing of arid feces, and those that accept their lives in the zoo. Whether or not you are a wild simian, or a helper monkey assisting the blind, we each agree on one thing. We are not a part of the human race we are above them! We are in the trees.

        The Armada is first and foremost the defenders of the Flower Fruit Mountain ! We are the guardians of the Kingdom to the east. We serve Sun Wukong (our king), and worship at the altar of our God Hanuman. Our understanding of the two is not the literal sort; we kneel before no man is simply our creed!

The attack Wings of the Armada are; the flying Monkees from Hell, and the Almighty Monkey fist! Derived From hue-man stories and myths, they are the extensions of the greater whole. The FMFH are warriors who once served a powerful and cruel witch, but are now master-less and uncontrollable. They are the Ronin of the armada; they represent the vicious untamed heart of the Monkee that can travel great distances to cause great mischief. They know no bounds and have few limitations. Their outlook is radical and they answer to no one not even each other. The A.M.F however is different. Much like the Monkee Paw that brings good luck to the savage hue-mans that hold it yet rue the day. Behold the fist that brings illumination to those it strikes. The fist is undeniable and brings truth and justice swiftly. Beware both


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