John McCain makes smoking crack look like a smart choice.

    John McCain makes smoking crack look like a smart choice. As I type he’s on my television broadcasting lies and stupidity. He’s calling for the re-segregation of schools, more drilling, and more power to the Oil Barons that run his Republican Party. He’s claiming that the government that he and the first and second Bushes built over the last thirty years is broken. Did he not see that when he voted for all the policies he is now calling flawed. Did he not see the problems coming during the Iran Contra affair, during the entire Regan/Bush administration? No he did not he went along with this. He fought for the mess we’re in. He is trying to belittle Barack Obama for not being in a war that started when he was four years old. I’m sorry that’s just ridiculous. He speaks of being a servant to his country like he kneels before some great and grand god called America.

     You can see the blackness in his heart through his beady little eyes. Hollow eyes, devoid of soul. He talks about his time in the Hanoi Hilton as if it justifies his entire existence. He leaves out how he cried like a bitch and read Communist propaganda over the loud speakers to other P.O.W.s.He mentions briefly how his father (who was commander of the entire Navy) tried to free him and he turned down the offer. Not because of some false nobility, but because and I quote “his political career would be over before it even began.” For over thirty years since then John McCain has prepared himself to be the Manchurian candidate. If not for the nepotism of Bush senior he likely would have been so in 2000. Thank heavens he was denied. He must be denied again.He speaks of change, and how he’s the one to bring it. How can you bring change to bills you supported how can you be change to policies that you created. I can’t believe these people how dare they lay claim to anything but the mistakes that they made. Of course they don’t see them as mistakes.These policies (which they have made), benefit them-the rich, the wealthy, the powerful, and the élite! Their vile hate filled rhetoric is the very bipartisan politics that they now claim to be against. Their strategy is to play victim, but how can you play victim when you’re the mother fuckers in power! That’s like me hitting you in the face and crying because it hurt my hand. The Bush family is the one in bed with the Saudis’ how now do you try and claim to want to end the dependency on foreign oil. It was no accident that Bush and Cheney were absent from the Republican convention this year.

      It was no accident that John McCain chose a complete unknown as his running mate.They seek to present themselves as a clean slate, but they are not. They seek to roll back abortion rights to zero. By McCain’s own words tonight he seeks to end welfare, and make sure that you will never get health care in your life. He will make sure that this country stays in a perpetual state of war and even tonight threatened to renew the cold war. I’m literally bursting at the seams with anger. If these mother-fuckers win I am strapping on guns and taking it to the streets. In the words of MC Search; “This is not a game people!”


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