What A Diffrence A Day makes

   Last night Barack Obama gave the speech of his life thus far. It was not the most dramatic or grandiose, but it was perhaps the most compelling pitch he has given thus far. It was the most compelling reason to vote for him he could offer to the few million naysayer’s and doubters. It was a speech so utterly amazing that it had renowned bigot and republican asshole Pat Buchanan choked up and falling over himself to praise Obama. On the anniversary of Dr. Kings “I Have a Dream” speech Obama delivered a one two punch to John McCain.I went to sleep last night amazed and astounded confident that I had just witnessed history. I woke up this morning as did the rest of you to the rug pulled completely from underneath the Obama campaign. McCain has chosen a woman as his VP.

     Trying not only to steal the thunder from Obama’s big night, McCain has picked someone who would also make history. They went after the weakest spot; the Hillary voters that Obama had spent all week trying to swoon. But will placing a conservative anti-abortion, anti- welfare, pro-Alaska-drilling, governor. Who-by the way-has only been governor for 18 months, and prior to that she was the mayor of a town with less than 10,000 residents. In her coming out speech this morning she immediately went for the Hillary voters. As if to say “Hey I’m a woman-vote for me now”. All the while the McCain camp has went after Obama’s experience record and said he was not ready. What now? This pick was clearly an attempt to steal the headlines and show that McCain’s ticket too will make history. So white people want feel so bad not voting for Obama. This gives the red carpet treatment to people who were supporting Hillary simply because of her gender. Surely anyone who was supporting her because of her issues they cannot support someone who claims to be as socially conservative as Sarah Palin. She is pro-gun, pro-life, and not ready for day one as they say. This is what McCain has said about Obama. This is insane. She won’t be able to stand up to Biden in a debate. But it will make this race even more interesting that it already was.

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