Fuck this Millennium

    The signs of the Apocalypse are all around us as press proclaims, “The King is Dead!”. Just because Madonna and Mariah Carey have just surpassed Elvis Presley for the most top 10 singles. Kathy Lee Gifford has been forgiven for owning sweat shops and allowed back on television. Dr. Phil is bailing kids out of jail and someone actually cared enough to try and blackmail Rob Lowe. All the while the best album out right now is totally being slept on (Gnarls Barkley’s Odd Couple). Beware! For it is written. These are the end times, the strange weather and tidal waves and earthquakes are but the first markers, the melting of the ice caps and the air make black with smog are but a few more. The world is truly going to end now that Morrissey has preformed on Carson Daily!

     I know it’s not like me to comment on the first two , but goddamn, I was about to cry when I saw the awkward performance of the Moz gave last night. I’m trying not to pay to worry too much over the presidential campaign these days. with Barack shooting himself int he foot than coyly deflecting it for now. I’m starting to fear a second coming of Clinton or worse yet a third Bush term under McCain. Did he really think Amerikkka was ready for an honest president? Where we all so foolish as to believe that we could simply will this amazing individual into the highest most corrupt seat of power in the world. As if those in power would allow hope and optimism to pervade after they’ve spent the last eight years training us to be afraid and cowardice. Giving us neat little color charts of fear so that we all keep our heads down while they brought about Armageddon. It’s more sad how most people would still rather watch baseball or God forbid-The Hills than keep an eye on whats going on.

      It was great during the writer’s strike I’m sure cable news rating had never been higher, now not so much. Maybe it was this long lull leading up to Pennsylvania. Or perhaps it was the childish bickering back and forth between the two Democratic nominees. Still it’s sad to see the court of public opinion so blatantly being manipulated by the old idiot box. Not that public manipulation through the television is anything new. We have long surrendered ourselves to the nonsense of the multinational conglomerates who control the information flowing into our homes. Is the internet much better. It was one a wild west of info-tainment-porno-rama. Now it too is being quickly consumed by the giants like Rupert Murdoch. I know I am also guilty of giving over vast chunks of my mind to the boob tube and obsessively staring at the pointless lives of the social élite and vegging out to mind numbing shows that distort the very fabric of reality by daring to confine it in neat little thirty minute frame works. Yet I still participate I still falling line and catch he finally of “Rock Of Love’ w/ Bret Micheal’s. I hated that douche when he was actually popular and I hate his eyeliner wearing ass even more now. It’s stupid and pointless and I feel like a junkie or a crack head after free-basing that shlop. Flavor Flav is a joke and his actions have tarnished the once incendiary revolution music of P.E. All my child hood favorites have now been rehashed and regurgitated by Hollywood until the very thought that I was once a Knight Rider fan makes me cringe. I’m running out of time for this I’ll pick up tomorrow for now I slink off and leave you with this…

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