The Wheel Of Fortune

Is the insatiable discontent of man to bind me to a constancy which belongs not to my ways? Herein lies my very strength; this is my unchanging sport. I turn my wheel that spins its circle fairly; I delight to make the lowest turn to the top, the highest to the bottom. Come you to the top if you will, but on this condition, that you think it no unfairness to sink when the rule of my game demands it. Do you not know my ways?- From“The Consolation of Philosophy”, by the philosopher Boethius

Sitting out back smoking on some mushrooms last night I was thinking of what was to come next in my life. Where will this road take me? Who knew I would end up where I am today. I’m not so delusional that I don’t know what I am. I’m over-weight, middle-aged, I have bad teeth, and no matter what I do with my hair it looks like shit! But I do have one thing going for me-I can talk. Not just useless ramblings, but I can open my mouth and make shit happen for me. A gift I got from my blessed Grandmother. Kaye Francis could (and would) talk for hours about everything and people listened. She spent hours each day on the phone, when she wasn’t tooling around visiting neighbors and friends gossiping for hours on their front porch. From her I received my ability to maneuver around words. It only becomes more powerful when I write it down. The great literary work of my life is my life. I see each phase of my life is but a chapter which I’m writing as I go. The wheel of Fortune at my feet. You know there is an odd kind of ring to that. My days sometimes feel numbered. I try to get out as much as I can these days because I feel uneasy and uncertain about what tomorrow will bring. Yet none alive is certain not to be cast back into the mud. That’s the nature of it. One minute you’re up the next you’re down. The art is found in your ability to roll with the punches, and try to stay on point. When wrestling a bear you don’t win by lying still..

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