The question of race has been on people’s lips a lot lately. What with a Black Man (at least half), having a actual shot at the presidency. The tension and drama in the air, is old and boring for the most part. My generation saw to that. The ties that bind us are more important. Our culture differences are all but fading. I myself am a perfect example of that. A Black Man, that at thirty years old is more into Flogging Molly than 50¢. I have always stood on the cultural fringes, but now I am not so much an anomaly for my personal taste or my musical ones. Over the last decade I have watched more and more Black kids appear at punk (and other wise alternative) shows. On the same token, most hip-hop shows are 50% white these days. The distinctions of a black and white culture are nearly gone. Only in remote rural and Mid-Western (not Southern) areas, does the last vestiges of segregation still hold on. In most inner cities and suburbs the lines between what is black and white are blurring.

      Thanks to the Cosby Show, André 3000 (and the Dungeon Family), Dave Chapelle, and 40 years of Parliament Funkedelic. We are more free now than any other time in American History. That’s what has paved a way for this historic moment. Not to say that all the credit goes to entertainers. There is only so many bridges that Snoop Dogg and Method Man can build with weed smoke and ‘phat’ beats. I would also like to think that the last 50 odd years of interracial marriages helped more. Barack Obama himself a product of mixed unions. We can argue the media highlights of interracial politics all day. Point to this person or that movie, for opening various doors here and there. But as I ride the bus home-cranking Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, while wearing a Whole Wheat Bread Shirt-surrounded by various colors and creeds. I can’t help but think that this move toward racial unity has had more to do with cock placement than weed smoke and rock guitars. So much of what humans have accomplished can be traced back to sex. Wars have been waged and genocide has been committed because of romances and attraction to the opposite sex. Caeser/Cleopatra/Mark Antony anyone?

         We have been moved by our desire to build monuments and move mountains for love. When that love began to cross racial lines we saw a blending of cultures begin. Think about it how many mixed kids do you know? Think about how many your parents knew. Times have changed, I believe personally that mixed children are the future-teach them well and let them lead the way! The idea was first stated by Gottfried de Purucker, an author. When asked about interracial marriage in 1930 he said “The race of the future will be a composite, composed of the many different races on earth today. Let us also remember that all men are ultimately of one blood.” In the United States, the proportion of multiracial children is growing. Interracial partnerships are on the rise, along with trans racial adoptions. Back in 1990, about 14% of 18- to 19-year-olds, 12% of 20- to 21-year-olds and 7% of 34- to 35-year-olds were involved in interracial relationships (Joyner and Kao, 2005)

Occasionally some idiot will say something about the way I talk, or dress, but mostly people call my Blackness into question, because I fuck white girls. Never the other way around mind you. I there fore have cultivated over time a rather humorous response. You see I tried fucking Black chicks, from time to time. My cock simply isn’t big enough. I’m only about nine and a-half-inches, which is just average for a black penis. To the three black chicks I have fucked, it was nothing special. It was however the holy fucking grail to white girls. I’ve never heard anything but praise from them. You see the average white penis is six to seven inches, so to them I’m packing heat. To a ‘sista’, I’m barely making the grade.

They’re used to twelve, fourteen inch dongs. That’s why black girls have bigger butts. It gives them some barrier from getting impaled. Asians however, I’ve had some problems with. They for the most part are used to an average of 5 to 4 inches. The Asian girls I’ve tried to get with have been for the most part scared of my dick. I tried to hook up with this Asian girl in New York, and on our first date we went swimming. She took one look at my junk and said it was too big. And that was in the water so-fellas you know there was shrinkage. Our second date I fouled up by taking her to a Japanese film festival not knowing that she was Korean and that Japan had ransacked Korea killing all their men and raping all their women. This is why though attached to mainland China, Koreans look more Japanese. Yet after all that I think it came down to me being too big for her. Sad really I love the way they look. Spanish girls are a whole other story I’ve never had a shot with the Latinas, oh well White gals are fine by me.


Listening to: Depeche Mode – A Question Of Time (Live)

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