Why am I Going On and On About Politics?

So Hillary won Michigan last night. Not so fast, you may wonder why Obama and Edwards weren’t even on the ballot. I too had no idea,so this morning I looked it up. The peculiar contest resulted from the hard-line taken by the Democratic National Committee against Michigan’s rule-breaking Jan. 15 primary date, which ultimately led to the national party’s revocation of all 156 of the state’s delegates to the party’s August national convention. The DNC’s demand that most states, including Michigan, stick to a Feb. 5 starting date for the presidential nominating process prompted Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards — Clinton’s chief rivals for the nomination — to withdraw their names from the ballot. It seems that there was a dust-up over when some states could hold their primaries. It seems odd that the Dems would do this knowing that the decision could cost them votes in the general election and ultimately lose them that state for good. It seems like a shot in the foot and this is not the time for foot shooting boys and girls. We have on our hands a momentous occasion the chance to finally choose either a woman or a black man (ahem) as President of the United Fucking States of God -Damn America. In the immortal words of the one true God WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I know, I know, why am I going on and on about politics? I’m supposed to be an anarchist right? I’m supposed to be more interested in the destruction of the state and not the prolonging of these outmoded institutions. How can I walk around with Chaos and Anarchy tattooed on my arms and wave a banner for some politician. The answer is simple. Because I can. Because the revolution hasn’t come yet. Because I watched as an inbred psychopath led this country to its doom and no one (not even me) did anything to stop him. Bombs did not go off, there weren’t riots in the streets. The public out cry was muffled by a few douche bags pointing fingers and calling decenter s Un-American! I watched the last eight years as every one of us became more cowardly and our voice became weaker. I still believe in Anarchy as the solution to mankind’s illness. I still see that illness as society itself, and I still believe in destroying social structures to rebuild civilization from the ground up. But there has to be steps taken in order for that to happen and in the mean time while the thirteen point plan is unfolding, I have decided to cast my lot in with the current hoopla over this presidential election. I know you’re thinking that none of this matters and no matter who gets into the White house it’s going to be business as usual. Yet, can you deny that this would be a different world had Gore won in 2000. Would this be a different place if Hillary wins over Obama. How can any of us take that chance. I don’t want to think of the difference we could have made had we not been so opposed to the system that we allowed it to run all over us. Now if I’m wrong, and I could very well be, I will never take part in another election again. If this turns out to be more of the same bull crap from any of these people, then I will don my black suit and again take up arms. I have not forgotten my radical roots. I have not forsaken Anarchy for this pusedo-democracy. I have simply learned that all avenues must be explored in order to effect change. We can not limit ourselves because of our prejudices. We have to something and now is the time!

With that said I have included a list of primaries below. No matter what state you are in please register, and please stop Hillary from gaining the nomination and possibly the White House. We can not afford more of the same. It is time for a new voice and a new vision for this country. Before it’s too late.

2008 Presidential Primary Calendar


  • January 3: Iowa (caucuses)
  • January 5: Wyoming (GOP caucuses)
  • January 8: New Hampshire (primary)
  • January 15: Michigan
  • January 19: Nevada (precinct caucuses), South Carolina (R primary)
  • January 26: South Carolina (D primary)
  • January 29: Florida


  • February 1: Maine (R)
  • February 5: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado (caucuses), Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho (D), Illinois, Kansas (D), Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico (D), New York, North Dakota (caucuses), Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah
  • February 9: Louisiana, Kansas (R)
  • February 10: Maine (D caucuses)
  • February 12: District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia
  • February 19: Hawaii (D), Washington, Wisconsin

MARCH 2008

  • March 4: Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont
  • March 8: Wyoming (D)
  • March 11: Mississippi

APRIL 2008

  • April 22: Pennsylvania

MAY 2008

  • May 6: Indiana, North Carolina
  • May 13: Nebraska (primary), West Virginia
  • May 20: Kentucky, Oregon
  • May 27: Idaho (R)

JUNE 2008

  • June 3: Montana, New Mexico (R), South Dakota


  • August 25-28: Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado


  • September 1-4: Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota


This calendar is adapted from the National Association of Secretaries of State.

Dates are subject to change.

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