Remember When….

Remember Zines? I miss them. I used to have one way back when, back when we used to care, back when there was a sense of community. I know I’m stuck in this nostalgia mode; bear with me 30 is a big number. Three decades of kicking ass and forgetting names. And, there have been a lot of forgotten names. A lot of lost nights tripping face on acid, or ‘shrooms, or smoked out my mind on some killer Hydro. Whiskey River took my mind. But I can still vaguely recall the early years, back in D.C. (Davie County, hanging out at the Taco Bell in Clemons. Shows at the Armory and the day Evolution opened up. The mall before we tried to blow it up. Hellenbach and what was that one place way out, where No Talent played that one time? Fuck where did all the time go. Where did all the money go? I couldn’t afford to put out a zine now
unless I printed it myself. Hey?

It would be cheaper to buy ink cartridges than pay a printer. Perhaps I’ll start up the old RR again. There seems to be a lot of talking heads these days though. Everyone has an opinion and with blogs, the Internet, and millions of channels on TV anyone can spit out there version of what’s going on. I don’t necessarily see a need to print out a black and white rant on this society. Besides things have become so ass-backwards and completely fucked I don’t see how one man’s call to defiance is going to ring out. I do need to start focusing what forum I do have (ahem). Thing is I’ve reached out here before and not much of a response. The chick of that dumb Bret Hart show got 1024 comments yesterday alone. I got to figure out how to break the glass ceiling.

Of course that means I’m going to have to up the ante on the content. I got to think of something more potent to write about. Thing is I look back on the stuff I used to print and it wasn’t much different. My angry laments on the world and my undying hatred of mankind was just in its infancy back then. Now I have shed my humanity for full pledge Monkee-ism. Viva La Revolution!

I was sexy at 19

the old Pablo's dance party!

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