Transmisions from the satilite heart

I’ve decided that since I don’t get very many page views here I will instead use this blog as a sort of stream of conscientiousness blog. A place where I just ramble on about what ever in my head instead of simply re-posting my My Space blogs.
I’m not sure where to start so I’ll just begin with my day today. I woke up jerked off went to work, came home and jerked off. There you have it another exciting adventure from your Uncle L-Ballz. No need to thank me for that tidbit. I feel it is my duty to try and open your eyes Fight the good fight and all that. I want everyone out there to fuck their neighbor. Open her/his legs and go to town. Then after that go to your other neighbor and fight him/her. Then sit down and play Scrabble together. It is refreshing and you will feel better when the kids are out of the house. Then you can burn it down. I want you all to listen ad move to Puerto Rico, do not learn Spanish though it is the devils tongue. Instead speak only dead languages. Write only i Sanskrit and if you must make love to an ant hill please use a rubber. There are rages and there are white-hot rages, then there are keggers and pony-keggers. Stop long enough to smell the assholes. There is no breeze blowing it is only god farting!

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