Infinte Hot Summer nights

I hate to disappoint, but there is no us versus them. Allow me to impart some of the wisdom I have gained from years of LSD abuse and being stoned out of my mind for so long. Allow me to hip you all to the knowledge I’ve gained from my many drunken adventures, where I woke up n jail. There is no enemy, all things are one thing. This may hurt a bit.

FACT: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed!

So there lies the sad truth. If energy can neither be created nor destroyed then we are all apart of the same energy and the universe itself. All things are one thing and you and I are the same. You, me and the space between are just pieces of the grand cosmic energy and this us v/s them bullshit is like jerking off. It feels good at first and gets the job done, but beyond that~what’s the point? In a sense we are all involved in cosmic masturbation. So you ask me then; “What is the point in fighting” Well that one is easy. We here in the Armada are not fighting as you know it per se. We are helping our selves see the light. You know reflecting positive ions and what not. Refracting the infinite truth. When I punch some one or knee some dude in the gut, it’s just my way of saying look at your self, this is your knee too, this is your fist brother. It’s all in hopes of turning his mind around. My knuckles are saying; “There is no space between you and me!”

Look I grew up in a pit of despair on an island of deprivation. I honed my mind and physical being into becoming a warrior. I then spent years wrecking that with abuse. Now I’m older and I have grown into a psycho-sexual-warrior-guru. I just want to help everyone reach this state and beyond. We each must forge our own paths yet they will all meet at some point. The universe is constantly moving and changing while standing still and remains the same. It’s all in how you look at it. So, I hate to dash your dreams of a grand uprising because it’s already happened and is always happening you merely have to turn around. Do a complete three sixty and what will happen is a gradual “turning of the cheek’ if you will. We Monkees will help you humans become divine.

This isn’t some new age love fest however. This will take strength and heartlessness. You will have to be willing to punch a friend in the face, repeatedly. You will have to sleep around a lot at first, and take tons of drugs. Drink till you take all your clothes off and pee on furniture. It’s the only way sometimes to get our point across. You have to be willing to do what ever is necessary to make everyone aware that they are not themselves but you too, and nothing is permanent the energy will continue to flow with or with out these physical confines.

God himself wears platinum shoes! Dressed in rainbows he opens the door to the infinite. The tears of wolves makes an excellent tea. And a dolphin hears only the sea. Geometric shapes unlock questions, but the answer my friend is in fractals.


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